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Hair Care Art reaching its peak in "Hair Design by ATA"

Harmonic blend of elegant and minimalist lines with modern styles is creating a virtually mystical ambiance by use of well-toned light in Hair Design by ATA, creator of latest trendslocated in Harvey Nichols Istanbul. An avant-garde beauty salon enlivened by the perfect combination of soft curvedclear lines and sense of luxury created by natural colours,"Hair Design by ATA" differentiates itself with its services.

Kérastase Hair Care Institute in "Hair Design by Ata", offers a wide array of options to ladies who care for their hair.Ladies who prefer Kérastase, one of the leading brands globally in hair care, are having intensive care cures applied to their hair in the privileged atmosphere of "Hair by Design Ata". Ladies have the opportunity to experience the expertise in hair care in an amazingly attractive environment designed for personalized hair care services. A "Beauty Salon" reminiscent of purity and serenity is cultivated by the sense of comfort created by soft and curved lines together with white and cream colours. Ata, the owner of "Hair Design by ATA"which has become the preferred address of the ladies thanks to its stylish décor and high customer service quality, is a professional with long years of relationship with famousinternational brands. Ata is embodying its specialisation area into its best form by bringing together its experience andknow-how. This is how the art of hair care reaches its peak.

"Hair Design by ATA", with hair, make-up and personal care services, creates the latest trends with innovative applications.You will feel the sense of beauty diffusing into your soulinitially starting from your hair during a peaceful breakresting comfortably after an intense day. Please make sure to stop by "Hair Design by Ata" to feel this unique hair care experience.

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